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January 3, 2011

the book of books

What you have in hand is not a book. It is the book. That, of course, is what 'Bible' means. It is the book which, not only in Western humanity, defines the concept of a text. All our other books, however different in matter or method, relate, be it indirectly, to this book of books...All other books are inhabited by the murmur of that distant source.

George Steiner

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high divinity is best manifested in common ways

The Gospels, particularly the first three, show the truth of the New Testament's own belief, that high divinity is best manifested in common ways. Stories and sayings from them still have the direct power of simple truth. They are, in a rich sense, popular. This was a comfort to Tennyson amid the grief and doubt of In Memoriam.

Tho' truths in manhood darkly join,
Deep-seated in our mystic frame,
We yield all blessing to the name
Of Him that made them current coin;

For Wisdom dealt with mortal powers,
Where truth in closest words shall fail,
When truth embodied in a tale
Shall enter in at lowly doors.

John Drury - Introduction to the New Testament

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