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July 15, 2013

This is the truth. Really and truly. Anyone who has the faintest idea of what it actually means to die to the world knows that this does not take place without terrible agonies. No wonder, then, we cry out, sometimes even rebel against God, because it seems to us as if God is deceiving us, we who from the beginning became involved with God on the understanding that God would love us according to our idea of love but now see that it is God who wants to be loved according to God's idea of what love is. But, of course, God is still infinite, infinite love. Just hold fast to this - that it is out of infinite love that God performs this excruciatingly painful operation. Yes, it is painful, yet it is all the more necessary.


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July 7, 2013

I could leave them my life to criticize from one end to the other, in the certainty that, notwithstanding my faults and weakness, notwithstanding my inability to tolerate any yoke, they would always find me a just and good man, free from bitterness, hatred, and jealousy, quick to recognize when I was in the wrong, even quicker to excuse the injustices of others, seeking my happiness always in the gentle emotion of loving, and behaving on all occasions with a sincerity verging upon rashness and with a disinterestedness that was almost past belief.

Rousseau- The Confessions

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